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Studenti řekli: 

Zpětná vazba je pro mě to nejdůležitější. Pomáha mi lépe se připravit na naše lekce a neustále se jako lektor zlepšovat. Níže si můžete přečíst recenze mých bývalých i stávajících studentů. 

I highly recommend Andrea as an English teacher. I am a perfectionist and I had a really deep problem with my imperfect English speaking. In our English conversations, I have lost this fear and I feel free and comfortable with her. I really appreciate that Andrea chooses actual, engaging, and contemporary topics for discussion. She motivates me to understand English more than ever before. Our lessons are well-balanced and dynamic - conversation/ grammar/pronunciation. I am looking forward to every lesson with her.

- Lena I., Czech Republic

Andrea is the best teacher ever. I love every lesson with her. She is very kind and the most friendly person. Our lessons are a lot of fun, we laugh often :)) I like her so much and i can recommend 100%!!

- Eva B., Czech Republic

Andrea is super friendly, funny, and skilled, she's on time for our lessons and they are nicely balanced (exercises and conversation) the whole education fits my needs so it works great for me.. Also, it is nice to get help with expressing some meaning (in Czech) in native English so great option to firstly sync ourselves in Czech where I'm a bit stuck :) Definitely recommend!

- Jirka P., Czech Republic

If you have a great teacher who is kind, friendly, and knowledgeable, then you are a lucky person. Andrea has all of these qualities! To be honest, I was afraid to communicate in English with anybody since I felt I was bad at it. All my worries faded away when I attended her first class. I simply like this relaxed way of learning English by talking about different topics. She adapts the learning materials to your level and needs. I can see I have made significant progress in speaking. I highly recommend Andrea! :)

- Klaudia P., Slovakia

I love the classes with Andrea, she is very dynamic, makes me feel comfortable, and adapts the content to my needs. 100% recommended.

- Elena J., Spain

What can I write about Andrejka, who I really like? Lessons with her are great :)) I just recommend them. Always perfectly prepared for the lesson, communicative, and very friendly. Don't be afraid to choose this teacher, you will definitely be satisfied:)))

- Renata B., Czech Republic

“Andrea is a very friendly and patient teacher, always motivates me and believes in my abilities to do my best. She is always well-prepared and very professional. She makes sure that I always understand everything and she gives me a lot of space for self-expression. She has a very relaxed and calm presence at class and that helps me feel comfortable during the lessons.” 


- Petra S., Germany 

“I've had a lot of English teachers before but I must say that Andrea is the only teacher who has come up to most of my expectations. She is friendly, and positive, trying to buck me up and she does everything to bring out the best in me during the lessons. Moreover, she is always well and thoroughly prepared and provides me with what I want to or need to work on. If you are looking for an enthusiastic and professional English teacher who knows what she is doing, you don't have to search for more. Just give it a try and see for yourself.” 


- Yvona P.,  Slovakia 

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